The Lean Methodology

The Lean Methodology

The Lean Methodology, consist of maximizing your customer values while minimizing waste. Simply put, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

Lean Lifecycle

Lean Lifecycle


Purpose / Process / People = Entire Organization.

This does not mean cranking up resources to do more but to remove/re-design procedures which would otherwise rely on a set of extra disposable resources to operate.

With thinking with the Lean approach, you want to focus on certain units within the business which could impact the performance, a common misunderstanding is that Lean approach would be applied to the processes on which staff work, that’s completely incorrect. The case is, the organization as a whole has to be Lean and in a sense “cut the bullshit” for its objectives to flow out, a few to focus, not exclusively – >

Operating practices

Understanding the operations a business takes and mapping them to a Flow diagram. – By doing this, you will understand if there are steps which can be don’t concurrently or steps which could be re-arranged. Furthermore, this would depend on the business you are working with – for example – some organizations would want to get the client signed up before providing them with a set of valuable options – Others, would want to filter our any clients who do not match their business strategy and create a more select client base. – This strategy should involve members of both Business & IT.

Management systems

Focus on structures, processes and systems through which performance is managed. For example if you rely on emails to monitor if your staff is working round the clock, you should understand this will be not be real time but answer based. – You will have to then implement another system to monitor how long did a staff member spend on a task and within the task have detailed information on what each minute was used for.

Mindsets and behaviors

Understanding peoples behavior and feelings and how they carry themselves at the workplace – Whether your staff is introvert, extrovert – are they scared of performing the tasks, do they feel the job satisfies them or improves them – This could be tied in with some HR tests.

Organization and capabilities

If your organization does not provide learning tools, chances are your staff will be a slow evolving one – if it sustains the transformation and ensures that individuals have the skills and knowledge to deliver the objectives, an individual member will try its best to put into practice what he/she has learnt. If you have a look, most top-tier corporations provide their staff members the ability to get certified on different skill sets, provide them with learning time and appraise them based on their extra-curricular merits.

Get your customers LEAN!

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